Monday, June 9, 2014

One week complete

I completed my first week of training on Saturday, and I'm looking forward to week 2. My two-mile run at the park went well on Thursday, but then I went out on the American River Trail with my running buddies and  had a really hard time. I was huffing and puffing during the very first run interval, even though I'd warmed up by walking half a mile from the car. I think this was partly from not eating until the drive over--not enough time to get the nutrients into my system, so I need to just get up earlier and eat before I leave. Then, it was a bit warmer, which I'm not acclimated to yet, and of course even though there aren't huge hills, there's still quite a bit of up and down on the trail vs the park. However, I pushed through and kept up my intervals (as in, I didn't skip any run intervals) for the whole three miles. I was proud of myself for pushing through!

This week, I still run just 2 miles on my short runs but push up to 4 on the weekend for the long run. Hopefully I start getting acclimated to the heat soon!

Total miles so far: 7

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