Monday, June 30, 2014

Cross training has begun!

I realized last week, and I think noted in my last post, that I need to do some cross training if I really want to improve and do so quickly. 24-Hour Fitness was having a special, so I took advantage of it and joined. I swam today, and it felt great...swimming isn't even like exercise to me. I mean, I feel tired after and I can tell I got a workout, but I don't have to drag myself kicking and screaming to the gym to do it because I love it. Nothing hurts when I'm in the water...which means it's a nice break for my aging joints. Plus, I can do other things like bike, zumba, or use the dreadmill when it's too hot to run outside. I figure the extra workouts will help my running pace improve, but also if I can get some weight off it should make running easier as well.

I had two good training runs last week, but I was nervous about Saturday. I had my 5-mile "long" run in the morning and then was going hiking in the afternoon. I didn't know if I'd be able to handle all of it, but I did! In fact, during the last 1/4 mile or so, when I was so tired and happy we were almost done, I was thinking that I was glad Grace wasn't there because she'd want me to "finish strong" and sprint to the finish. But when we started our last run interval and I could see how little distance we had left, I got a second wind and easily ran at a faster-than-normal pace...and when I was within sight of the finish line, I sprinted! It felt good to know I had something left in me. And I did go hiking that afternoon, and although I was not as go-getterish as I might normally be, I went for a couple of miles and had a good time. I wasn't even that sore the next day. OH--and because I messed up my schedule earlier in the week, I ended up running two days in a row with the long run being the second. That means my body wasn't as rested as it would have normally been, so I feel extra good about it!

So, much better outlook this week than last! I have my first event this Friday, the Folsom Firecracker 5K. Sunny is going to be my buddy and stay with me from start to finish...what a sweetheart! I'm a little nervous, but more excited. It's only 3 miles, and I've been doing that for the past couple weeks so it's not a big deal. In fact, this will just count for one of my training runs and I'll do 6 miles on Sunday. Think I can make it? I know I can!

Total for the summer: 35 miles

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