Friday, May 23, 2014

Welcome to Jennifer Runs!

Every once in a while, I get it in my head to do something crazy. In 2008, I quit my day job to write for a living (which I'm still doing!). In 2005, I got a horse.

In 2014, I'm going to run the California International Marathon.

The idea of doing this is so ridiculous, I have to laugh. And I also have to do it, if nothing else because it is so ludicrous. Me? Running a marathon? It's 26.2 miles. I'm clinically obese. Up until a few years ago, I hated running. Until I started going out with some of my swing dancing friends, I only tolerated it. Now I almost...well, like is a strong word, but it's not that awful anymore. I like that the more I do it, the easier it gets. I like finding that I can run longer or faster when I'm consistent.

So anyway, my friend Kim has a training schedule, and I'm going to get on it. I'm sure there will be some shorter races leading up to the big event, which is in December. I have been inconsistent with running this spring due to various excuses, so I'm going to have to buck up and make it happen. Sadly I am sick right now, so the minute I'm better I need to start ramping up.

My reasons for doing this are as follows:

1. Because I didn't think I could, and that pisses me off so I need to go do it.
2. To do something that supposedly less than 1% of people have done. How cool is that?
3. So the next time some slimeball looks me up and down and suggests I need his personal training in his home gym, I can say, "Screw you. I ran a marathon."
4. To improve my cardiovascular fitness, especially for dancing.
5. To lose some weight.
6. To get myself on a regular exercise regimen

I'm not always good about keeping up on my blogs (there is a serious layer of dust on my others), but I'll try to track my progress here. Wish me luck!