Thursday, June 12, 2014

Getting my groove back

Just got back from today's run, and I'm thankful today is cooler than the last couple days, because I got a late start! I felt quite strong today and finished the first mile in 10 minutes on the dot, which is probably my fastest ever. I felt good about it but decided I'd be sorry if I tried to keep up that pace for another mile so I dialed it back a little and finished in 20:50 total--again, probably my fastest time ever. I feel good returning to my former pace and besting it, although we'll see how I do over longer distances since I still haven't returned to where I was at before when I could run 3-5 miles without much problem. Gratefully following Kim's ramp-up training schedule!

This weekend, my long run will be 4 miles. I imagine we'll be on the river trail, so my goal is to do it in under an hour, or sub-15-minute miles. I'm interested to see how it goes since last week's 3 miles was a struggle, but my short runs this week were easier than last week's so there's that.

Total for the 100 Mile Summer: 13

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